Rifle ammunition is available for purchase for personal firearm use on the range. External RIFLE CALIBER ammunition is unauthorized and will result in immediate dismissal from the range without a refund.  Safety concerns and costly repairs are caused by unauthorized rifle ammo being used on the range.  Please do not bring pre-loaded rifle magazines as the ammunition will not be allowed and you will be asked to take it back to your car before entering the range.  All rifle magazines are subject to inspection at the range counter.  If you are unsure if the ammunition is authorized, feel free to ask a Range Associate.  Competitive market pricing on rifle ammunition is available for purchase.

All centerfire ammunition must be jacketed or semi-jacketed except slugs. The maximum rifle is 30 caliber (.308 and 7.62 are acceptable).

No tracer, armor-piercing, steel core, buckshot, birdshot, or cast ammunition is allowed.