• LANE RENTAL – $27/hr. 1st Person on lane | $15/hr. per additional person. Up to three total.
  • HANDGUN RENTAL – $17/hr. – up to 3 swaps allowed for FREE
  • LONG GUN RENTAL – $22/hr. – up to 3 swaps allowed for FREE
  • FULL AUTO RENTAL – $35/hr.- up to 3 swaps allowed for FREE
  • EAR PROTECTION RENTAL – $2.50/each
  • EYE PROTECTION – $3.25/each
  • TARGETS – up to $2/target
  • AMMUNITION – Market Pricing

Public shooting is first-come, first-serve. Just walk-in! Only Members can make reservations. We have everything you need for a great experience on the range.

BEFORE YOU COME: Watch the Range Safety & Etiquette video


All persons using the firing ranges must sign our range use agreement and waiver located at the bottom of the steps.  We recommend that you grab a clipboard and have a seat at the benches to fill out your paperwork, review the range rules and wait for the start of the safety video. Regardless of experience, everyone who plans to shoot on the range is required to watch the safety video.  If you have any questions about the range rules, ask the range associate during your check-in.

Legally, a shooter must be 21 years old to rent a handgun or purchase handgun ammunition.

When you rent a CSA firearm you must purchase our ammunition. Any firearm that is chambered in a rifle caliber or shotgun is required to have the target at the maximum distance on the range; this includes both shoulder mounted and pistol grip firearms.

Eye and ear protection are required before entering the sound lock.  Once you enter the range please go to your assigned booth which is also labeled on your stapler.


A Range Safety Officer (RSO) is always present on every open range.  The RSO’s job is to maintain safety at all times and to enforce the range rules. Colonial Shooting Academy reserves the right to refuse the use of the range or service to any person for any reason. Our friendly and knowledgeable RSOs will be happy to assist in any situation, please do not hesitate to ask.


The target carrier is measured in feet all the way to 75. Simply punch in the number of feet you desire then hit “enter” followed by “F1”. Repeat this process with “0” to bring it back.


Upon exiting the range please wait at the end of the counter with your stapler. One of our associates will retrieve it and return your ID and credentials to you. If you rent a firearm, return it in the basket with the slide locked back/cylinder open to show it is cleared.