Students in this class will learn how to equip and use their semi-automatic rifles for defensive purposes. Covered in this class are shooting positions, quick reloading techniques, clearing malfunctions, and engaging multiple targets.



  • A zeroed semi-automatic magazine-fed rifle (AR15, AK47/74, SCAR, Mini-14/30, 10/22, etc.) .22LR and pistol caliber rifles are welcome.
  • Three or more standard capacity magazines.
  • 150 rounds of FMJ ammunition – No steel core or tracer rounds
  • Ear and eye protection.


Students are expected to already be somewhat familiar with the operation and maintenance of their rifles. Those who do not yet meet this prerequisite are invited to attend our Intro to the Modern Rifle class or schedule a private lesson.  Rifles need to already be zeroed.  Because this course covers techniques regarding deadly force, students need to be 18 or older.



Cancellation Policy

By purchasing this course, you are agreeing to the Cancellation Policy: All courses are non-refundable. With minimum ADVANCED notice of 48 hours, one course reschedule will be permitted for another future course date.  Students must be present for the duration of the course.  Please arrive promptly to keep the class on the schedule. If you have any questions, please email Reese at