This course is designed for Security Officers that are required to use or may have access to a shotgun as part of their assigned duties. The Entry Level Firearm course (07 E) or Security Officer Handgun course (075 E) is a prerequisite for taking the shotgun training.  This class covers the following subject matter:

  1. Laws on the Use of Force
  2. Safe and Proper Use and Handling of the Shotgun
  3. Nomenclature
  4. Positions and Combat Loading Techniques
  5. Decision-Making for the Officer with the Shotgun
  6. The transition from Sidearm to Shotgun
  7. Shotgun Retention and Proper Use of a Sling

Course Time: 3 Hours

Advance sign-up is required, and your seat will ONLY be reserved upon receipt of payment.

Price: $80.00