Entry Level CoursesHours requiredPrice
01E Entry Level Unarmed Security18 hours$80.00
05 Arrest Authority8 hours$65.00
07E Entry Level Handgun16 hours$150.00
075E Security Officer Handgun24 hours$175.00
08E Entry Level Shotgun3 hours (after 07E/75E)$75.00
09E Advanced Firearm (Handgun)24 hours (after 07E/075E)$150.00

In-service Training/ RetrainingHours requiredPrice
01I Unarmed Officer In-service4 hours$50.00
07R Firearm Retraining (Handgun) 4 hours$75.00
08R Shotgun Retraining3 hours$75.00
09R Advanced Firearms (Handgun)8 hours$100.00

All courses include classroom/range fees and targets. Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring something to take notes with, a gun belt, holster, at least three magazines (semi automatic) or two speed loaders (revolver), and appropriate pouches.  Firearms are available for rent and additional retail merchandise including ammunition may be purchased if needed. Course offerings are subject to minimum enrollment, and a failure to reach the minimum may result in class cancellation.  Advance sign-up is required, and your seat will ONLY be reserved upon receipt of tuition. Prices are subject to change.

Please contact CSA to reserve your seat 804-266-AMMO, ext. 126 or ext. 101.